Thursday, 9 August 2012

Update + eBay

Hi guys, hope you're well!

I just thought to do a quick post to explain while I've been M.I.A recently.
I know I only have a few followers (who I all appreciate!) but I love this blog and don't do it for the followers or freebies (which I hate seeing people trying to do) but I feel so bad for neglecting this blog!

I really do love blogging about my outfits and fave products as like a little online diary, so I can look back and see how my style and likes have evolved! 
I also constantly go on other people blogs to get inspiration and look at reviews before I go out and purchase something.
Which is why I really do love the blogging world! Its so good to see a persons view on things rather than the company. 

My reason of neglecting this blog recently is cos I'm just too poor for nice clothes and I have literally been living in gym clothes and no make up, in fact today I think was the first day when I did my everyday make up!
I've also been house sitting for two weeks which is difficult when your house is like a pet shop and your 17 year old brother thinks its okay to have his mates round and trash the place!

Due to looking after the house and doing well in my second year of University (I got a 2:1!) my parents decided to be babes and give me some spending money. 
I'm really excited to go out and actually buy something instead of window shopping! My aim is to create the perfect Autumn/Winter capsule wardrobe as its my favorite season by far. 
What can I say, I'm just not a Summer girl!

On my mission to create a perfect capsule wardrobe, I have listed a few items on eBay. As they say out with the old and in with the new, (however most of what I'm selling is new haha) so I'll link it below and feel free to have a nosey! 

Sorry for the ramble and thank you for reading!

p.s Hope you're all enjoying the weather and the olympics! 

eBay: lalalaura92

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