Sunday, 26 August 2012

August Joliebox Review

Dr Bronners Magic All-One Soap
I'm not really fussy about soaps, usually when I buy them they are on offer so this was an interesting tester! I am however interested by organic and fair trade products so I did like the idea about these. I've only tried the light blue one so far which is 'baby-mild' so doesn't really smell of anything but made my hands feel super soft after.

So Susan Wide Awake Palette
This was my favourite product in this month's Joliebox. I really like trying out different products of my eyebrows, from just using a pencil, just eyeshadow or even both (crazy, I know). The colours in this are perfect for my skin tone and hair colour. I have quite ash brown eyebrows but my hair is auburn on top now. The colours help me find the perfect in between shade of ash brown and red brown.
Still not sure on illuminating and highlighting cream, still need to try it out more. 
However, great little palette!

So Susan Lip Cushion
I started loving the eyebrow palette and then really disliking this product! I am a lover of trying it out different lip balms and lip treatments, but this one really wasn't for me. 
Unfortunately, it reminded of one of those free lip balms you used to get from kids magazines! It smells of a sickly strawberries and has glitter in it.
Apart from that, I looked past the smell and appearance of the product and ventured on to actually trying out.
It didn't really seems to do much, I thought it would tint my lips like Vaseline's Rose and Almond lip tin but didn't really do that at all. On the box it also said that it would treat chapped lips but didn't do that either (sticking to Carmex for that job!).
So, overall not really good at all!

Leather Hair Lace
I don't really do much with my hair (I usually just have it up by a bobble or down) so I thought I'd try this out. However, it didn't come with any instructions of how to use the lace in hairstyles so I googled some ideas and just didn't seem to work! Maybe, its just me, but I really don't see the point of it!

Phil Smith Dry Clean Dry Shampoo
I'm surprised that I actually like the smell of this dry shampoo as its heavily scented, but for some reason it seemed to go well!
It definitely does the job of refreshing hair and is in a handy size for my handbag.
Not sure if I'd buy it again because I rarely use dry shampoo and happy with buying 3 for a £1 at Poundland! 

Hope you enjoyed that quick review if you are interested in subscribing to Joliebox, I won a subscription last month for a year thanks to Sammi a.k.a BeautyCrush! Overall, this wasn't as good compared to last month (which I forgot to review!) but really looking forward to September's Joliebox!

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