Friday, 10 August 2012

What's in my bag!

For some reason I really like what's in your bag posts, not sure why....think I maybe just nosey!
So, I decided to show you what's in my bag, as today I'm ill so I thought it would be a good blog post to do whilst feeling sorry for myself!

Bag: My bag was bought as a birthday present from my boyfriend in May from Nasty Gal. Its really deep so I can fit a lot of stuff I don't need in it!

Glasses: Most people don't know I wear glasses (I'm short sighted so I need them for driving, watching tv etc). After needing glasses since I was 16 and having the same pair since til the age of twenty. I finally bought some new frames! These Ray Ban numbers where literally the only glasses in the shop that suited me!

iPhone: To be honest this isn't usually in my's usually in my hand!

Purse: My Boyfriend got me this gorgeous Vivienne Westwood purse for my 19th birthday last year, and a year and a bit later its not looking shabby at all.

Sunglasses: My Dad got me these Ray Ban wayfarers when he travelled to America (he stays there a lot) and they live in my bag in the hope of sunshine!

Chewing gum: Got to have fresh breath, init?!

Camera and camera case: Obviously the camera was in use to take this picture, but the case is from Cath Kidston as I have a tendency to break cameras for some reason. Hence, why my brother won't let me touch his SLR. 

Powder: I have the MAC select sheer compact just for touch ups, NC20 if you're wondering. 

Key: Best thing about my house key is the Paul Frank Julius monkey key ring, looking a bit tatty as I've had it for 5 years!

Lipstick: I've always got a MAC lipstick on me, preferably a nude for daytime such as Kinda Sexy or Shy Girl! 

There you have it, my lame post of today because I'm bed ridden!
Hope you're all not ill and having a good day!

What are your essentials for your bag?

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