Thursday, 14 June 2012

Beauty Haul

So! I'd firstly like to apologise for the lack of posts I have done lately! 
I love blogging but I have literally been here there and everywhere and not had enough time.
I've been in Manchester for Parklife Festival this past weekend, and it was amazing. Let me know if you went and who you loved seeing most!

Right on to the actual purpose of this post, my recent beauty haul!
I've been trying slowly trying to revamp my main make up collection with a few unnecessary treats on the way, as I'm starting to run out of essentials.

I've also started using high street/drugstore brands due to having lack of money and being in between skin tones for summer!


I recently went to Topshop after borrowing a shade called 'Beguiled' and falling in love with it. Its also my first Topshop Lipstick purchase and I'm quite impressed!
This lipstick cost £8.00 and stays on well aswell as being very pigmented.
Beguiled reminds me of one of my favorite MAC shades called 'Rebel' which is a purple/pink and I've been looking for a more purple/plum lipstick and this one is perfect!


I got as part of a late birthday present Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara which has a brush for length and a brush for volume. I really like the lengthening brush of this mascara, my lashes look very long after using it. However, I'm not sure on the volume brush. I think it may not suit me as it just puts too much product on my lashes. But if you are looking for a very good lengthening brush I recommend this product! The mascara costs £7.99 at Boots.

I recently picked up the Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Mascara in waterproof (mainly as thats all they had left!) and I really like it as a daytime mascara it lengthens and volumnises but not in a 'woah' kind of way if you know what I mean! This mascara also costs £7.99 at Boots.


At the moment I am slightly tanned thanks to that one week of sun in Britain! Very gutted about how rainy it is lately! But as I'm in between shades I do not want to pay a lot of money to get MAC Studio Sculpt in a shade that I may not be in a month. 
I haven't tried this Rimmel Foundation yet so I picked it up for £6.99 which is definitely worth the money. This foundation is perfect for Summer, its light, dewy and blends very well. It is apparently has an anti-fatiguing effect which I believe is true. It does have a slight shimmer, but don't let that put you off as it was not noticeable especially after applying a light powder. My shade is 'Soft Beige'.

I also picked up Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Ivory for £4.19, and as you can see the writing on the packaging has worn off! But this full coverage concealer is amazing, I use it under my eyes and for any blemishes and find it better than my Dior concealer. 

Make Up Brushes: 

Okay, I caved in and bought these off my wish listReal Techniques Core Collection costs £21.99 but it is so worth it. You get a contour brush, foundation brush, detailer brush and buffing brush but I would buy this set just for the buffing brush. I am obsessed with this brush, it makes my foundation look flawless. I haven't used the foundation brush, but the detailer brush is great for applying lipstick and the contour brush is perfect.

I also picked up an EcoTools Kabuki brush which I use to apply powder with and its so soft! I bought this for £9.99 at Boots. 


My Boyfriend went on a cheeky splurge at American Apparel and I made him buy me this at the checkout (sorry Warren!) and I love it. Its such a nice rainbow glitter and really good quality. 'Supernova' is £9.00 online but was £7.00 in the Manchester AA store. 

I also purchased 'Celestial' which is a gorgeous blue from Topshop costing £5.00.


I'm currently to make my ombre hair less brassy and dry so I picked up two products hoping to help it.

I bought Pro-Voke Touch of Silver twice a week brightening shampoo for £2.99 and its really helping my hair to be more ash blonde and less trashy brassy! Also at that price how could you say no if you've got blonde hair!

I also picked up a 'cheap' version of Morrocan Oil called Argan Oil from Lee Stafford and so far I have noticed less split ends and softer hair. It also smells really nice! It costs £11.99 from Boots.

I also picked up Batiste Dry Shampoo as my hair when straight looks so much nicer after not washing it for two days! I didn't know it was the xxl volume one but I haven't really noticed a difference from any of the other types! It costs £3.99 from Boots.

Benefit Freebie!:

So finally I'm nearly finished but I picked up Glamour for £2 (which I actually read every month) and got the the porefessional primer and so far I like it more than my MAC Prep and Prime! Its light and silky and really helps set my foundation evenly. 

If you've actually read all of this I applaud you! I was going to space it out, but I have so many other things to blog about I thought I'd put it in one post!

Back soon with more style posts rather than beauty.

Let me know what you think of these products if you've used them :)

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