Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Brand Love: Alice Takes A Trip

If you love: Cats, Pugs, Crosses, Tie Dye and Skulls then this brand is for you.

Being from near Sheffield, I remember first noticing Alice Takes a Trip back when I was around 15 which was 5 years ago now! I remember they had a cute little boutique in the Forum on Devonshire Street, Sheffield and now they have evolved into a successful brand that now sell their own garments online and on ASOS Marketplace. 

I saw on their Facebook yesterday that they are realeasing some more garments from their Spring/Summer 2012 collection and I am just in love.

As Britain is having such lovely weather at the minute and you fancy clothes that suit our random weather but still look summery/edgy (a.k.a fed up with floral print and beetlejuice stripes!) then I'd definitely recommend checking them out!

Here's a few from their latest collection and a few of my favorites: 

What do you think of Alice Takes a Trip?

What are your favorite independent clothing brands? Let me know!

You can buy Alice Takes a Trip clothing from their ASOS Marketplace Boutique or on their online store by clicking these links.

Hope you're all having a fab sunny day!

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