Monday, 2 April 2012

Hi there!

Apologies to anyone who started reading/following this blog for me abandoning this project!
Now I have nearly finished my second year of university, it is my main focus to get this blog looking good and regularly posting.
I've started this blog up as a hobby/something for my CV.
I'm hoping to put up my 'achievements' on here, such as DIY projects, nail art and fashion reviews.
Anyway, here is a few short facts about myself before posting my general doings and ideas!

  • My full name is Laura Elizabeth Ferguson-Lee
  • I was born on the 9th May 1992 thus making me Nineteen years of age
  • I am in my second year of University at Manchester Metropolitan University and I study Fashion Materials and Technology
  • I currently reside in Manchester but I am from a small town in the Derbyshire Dales (the closest city to it is Sheffield)
  • I have loved fashion since I was young and originally decided at the age of 9 that I wanted to be a fashion designer but have realised since College that I would rather go into a different field of fashion....maybe merchandising!
  • My hobbies include: doing my nails, being a full time cat lover and obviously shopping (such a girl, I know!)
  • I have been with my boyfriend Warren since December 2009 and we have a long distance relationship when we're at Uni, as he studies in Hull! Meaning that a lot of my loan is spent on train fares!
  • My school friends are still my closest friends til date and I have made some amazing friends at Uni. I love them all.
  • Overall, my life is pretty fab at the moment. My wishes for the next academic year is to pass my degree and hopefully get a job! 
So there was my cringey about me (so you get the jist of what I'm like!) please enjoy my face :) and please also check out (this is my course university project!)

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