Monday, 16 April 2012

Dip Dye Nails!

After last year, Dip Dye is everywhere and I love it. Infact i love it so much I have had ombre hair since September!
I found this super easy way of creating this dip dye effect on your nails using a simple washing up sponge (new of course!)

You'll need:
 (L-R: Rimmel 5in1 Base and Top Coat, Topshop 'Minted', Topshop 'Jewel in the crown', Models Own Wah Nail Art pen which is optional)

Simply paint your nails in a light coloured nail varnish after the base coat is dried, I used Topshop 'Minted' as its a lovely mint green pastel which is suited well for spring. Then pour a slight bit of the dark nail varnish on paper and dab the sponge in the paint. Then slight dab off the excess on the paper and dab on your nails to get the dip dye effect you want.

I also decided to add a leopard print aswell but have also done another version shown below without leopard :)

 With flash

Without flash

Purple dip dye effect with out leopard print.
(Dark purple: OPI 'Do you lilac it?', Light purple: Topshop 'Waterlily')

Hope you like!

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  1. both look amazing! xx